Fun Drinking Game – Presidents and Assholes


New drinking game up, Presidents and Assholes, sometimes just called Presidents or Asshole. Basically, if you’re on top in this game you can take control and get people to do your bidding. You should be careful though, if you are an asshole to the asshole, you’re going to be in trouble when it’s their turn as president, if they get one. Maybe try stacking the deck in your favor. I’d write some an article about a basic introduction to card counting, but really who has the time or skill to count cards after a few drinks, I don’t think it’d work.

Anyway, this card drinking game is a little more complicated than the others posted so far but it’s worth it. You get to tell people what to do so why aren’t you learning the rules and playing it already? Let me know what you think!

Kings, Ring Of Fire, Circle Of Death


Whats happening everyone?

Just added the next easy drinking game, this isn’t what we were playing with those chicks the other week but figured one of the most fun drinking games deserved to be up as soon as possible. What am I talking about? Circle of Death, Kings, Ring Of Fire, Socialables, Rhombus of Nosomething. I don’t know why it has so many different names, why not just call it one and be done? Anyway, we’ve put some basic rules for all the new comers out there, we’ll definitely be adding more pro and interesting rules in later posts. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, maybe give this game a try and it’ll be more awesome.

Fun Drinking Game – Around the World


Hey all, feeling a little hungover this morning! Met some chicks last night and they showed me this new card drinking game after I told them about the site, they thought it was a great idea. I’m a little hazy but I think I remember the rules, they are pretty simple after all.  The drinking game is called around the world and all you need are some cards and booze, preferably some hotties too! The game favours those who are lucky, have a good memory, or cheat a little bit. As long as everyone has a good time right? Anyway, check it out, I’m trying to remember another game they showed me but that was way more complicated and we’d drank a fair bit by then so I don’t know, could take a while and be a bit wrong!

Anyway, check it out, leave some comments!!

First Easy Drinking Game – Waterfall


Finally! Sorry guys I was going to get this up sooner but you know, was too busy getting my drink on! First game up is a very simple card drinking game called Waterfall. You don’t even need a whole deck of cards, just the royalty and the aces and you are good to go. Go check it out, leave some comments and tell me what you think of it. Like always if you have any questions about it or want some clarification, just drink until you get the answer. If the answer is good then let me know! Leave some comments, tell me about your variations on this fun drinking game!

First Round Is On Us!


First post on Card Drinking Games!

Over the coming weeks we are going to be adding multiple card drinking games (and others not involving cards) that you and your friends can play. For now you can learn a little about drinking games and by checking out our About Card Drinking Games page, once you done that go and crack open a beer to congratulate your self on learning something new!

Would need a few drinking games to finish these!

Enough fodder for one drinking game!

Now that you’ve got your beer in hand, why don’t you leave a comment telling us what you are drinking and what your preferred drinking game is.